Making Custom Knives and Sets Daily

Making Custom Knives and Sets Daily

As a small business making every product completely by hand, we are open and working daily creating luxury cutlery and gift items for you. Not only are we open and available to answer your questions during this time of Covid-19 concerns, we are offering some special spring savings now through the end of April. 

In this blog post, we will answer questions about our current production and finishing. Watch for our next blog post to hear about the special spring promotional offers.

1. Every product is made by hand in our Hawaii workshop. As a family business, Gregg makes every knife or knife set and I, (Marie) can answer all your questions. There are no other employees. Thankfully, our island currently has not yet had a single case of the virus. 

Gregg Salter making custom order chef knives by Salter Fine Cutlery

2. Once construction is complete, all of the handle oiling and box finishing, blade cleaning, and wrapping is always done wearing gloves. This has always been our standard practice, ensuring your product arrives without fingerprints and in pristine condition. Gregg often jokes that he is good enough to make the knives but not allowed to touch them after they have gone into final finishing!

Rough shaping a handle for a custom chef knife from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

3. The blades are cleaned with alcohol, which not only removes any finishing residues, but also ensures your blades and other metal work is clean. We do recommend washing before using any new knife to remove any cleaning residues.

Gregg Salter making a presentation box by Salter FineCutlery

4. If we happen to miss your phone call, please leave your name and number. It is possible I did not hear the phone or make it in from the workshop in time to answer it. Or send a message via our "contact us" page or via e-mail to:

Handmade custom high-end cutlery from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

We are committed to making the highest quality and most beautiful knife sets available anywhere.

We hope to hear from you for your next knife set or special gift requests.


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