Every Knife; Every Process; Made by Hand

Every Knife; Every Process; Made by Hand

At our core, we are all about preserving old traditions in knifemaking. And these traditions aren't just to look at, they are meant to be used for a lifetime and passed down to future generations. 

Gregg Salter filing and shaping a stainless steel bolster and handle by Salter Fine Cutlery

Gregg, the owner, designer, and knifemaker insists on making every knife a true collaboration between two artists. The artist in Japan making our blades using traditional methods to our own designs. And creating every knife handle and box or stand to perfectly compliment the blade. From design to finished handle, you know you have a knife or knife set that was, indeed, handmade.

Gregg Salter designing a handle for a collectible knife

There are no cookie cutter handles spit out by a machine. Each handle for each knife is made by his hand in his Hawaii workshop. The biggest machine is a saw to cut the pieces of lumber into strips of wood.

Cutting wood for a steak knife set

All of the handle shaping, metal work and decorative features are painstakingly done with sandpaper, files and other small tools. 

Every process on every knife made by hand Salter Fine Cutlery

When you purchase one of our knives or knife sets, you are purchasing not just a knife, but a functional piece of art that took days, weeks or in some cases, well over a month to make.

Sawing a piece of extremely rare wood for a box lid Salter Fine Cutlery

 Plan ahead, give us time to make your chef, steak, carving or collectible knife or knife set. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Large steak knife set handmade in Hawaii by Salter Fine Cutlery

 Please let Gregg know what you would like him to talk about. We welcome your questions.

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Jun 19, 2023 • Posted by Riley Godlien

I am looking to have a custom set made for my mother-in-law call is a Disney fanatic, she loves specifically Minnie, mouse, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, goofy, and the rest of the main characters, would like to potentially have each knife made for each Disney character, so the first knife would be Minnie mouse second knife would be Mickey Mouse, etc.

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