One-of-a-Kind Artist-Series Collectible Knife

$ 4,500.00

This one-of-a-kind Salter-Kiku Collaboration collectible is amazing in more ways than one. The artist-series commissioned with requested nautical theme is artistic, beautiful, and full of history. It tells a unique story which we were proud to tell for our client.

About the Knife:

This collectible was a custom commission. Our client wanted a nautical theme, something incredibly different and unique, plus must include a trident. It was not intended to be a knife to use in the kitchen nor in the field, though it could certainly do either, but was a knife to hold, admire and display.

The Blade:

The 210mm OU-31 Japanese carbon steel blade was individually hand-forged to our design specifications by the Japanese master blade-maker and grinder, Kiku Matsuda. 

The Kiku blade we used for this knife was #4 of only 4 made exclusively for us by Kiku with the matte pattern finish he is renowned for around the world. Impressive looking is an understatement! His ‘magic hand’ appleseed grind means it is incredibly sharp.

Salter Fine Cutlery and Kiku logos have been etched onto the blade.

The Handle:

This work of art was created by Gregg Salter, owner and artist of Salter Fine Cutlery. The handle was constructed completely by hand without the use of any large machinery. It features our special reserve stock of exceptionally rare, old growth Hawaiian curly koa wood. This wood has the characteristic koa chatoyance and tight curl that makes it such a stunning wood choice.

Decorative accents include a brass trident hand-guard and end cap, nickel-silver accent, brass pins and teak wood accents using reclaimed teak wood from the deck of  the USS Missouri battleship supplied by client.

The trident was completely made by hand and eye using files and hand-sanding. 

The Presentation:

The knife is attractively displayed in a keepsake box of Hawaiian curly koa wood. A lighter golden color curly koa wood was chosen for the box for contrast. An engraved trident engraved into a piece of USS Missouri's teak wood has been inlaid into the lid of the box and an engraved plate, also from the same piece of teak, is mounted on the black velvet background with the Battleships official number, BB-63.

A certificate of authenticity marking it as a one-of-a-kind collectible was included.

The History:

The USS Missouri is on permanent display in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor, which was bombed by the Japanese in WWII. The Missouri is significant as the Japanese signed their surrender on the Missouri to signal the end of the war in the Pacific.

We celebrate our friendship with our Japanese friends and colleagues with this unique creation. 

We were honored to be able to make this knife for our client.

 All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.