Custom Order Chef Knives: Camelback Series Chef Knives

$ 705.00

Welcome to the Camelback design series!

Named for the beautiful damascus pattern that reminds us of desert shifting sands and landscapes, this knife has a curved and wider blade design, plus a handle shape to allow plenty of room for chefs with larger hands. 

210mm polished damascus chef knife Camelback exclusive design series for professional or home chefs from Salter Fine Cutlery

This knife was designed for anyone who is tall or has large hands. The full-tang design handle is a generous 6 inches from the end of the blade to the end of the handle on the 210mm chef knife.

Need it wider? Just ask for an oversized grip when placing your order. 

2-piece chef knife set from our newest design addition to our custom cutlery line the Camelback series luxury handmade kitchen knives from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

Each blade in this series has been designed by and made exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery in a collaboration with our very talented master bladesmith in Japan.

Every blade is signed in kanji by the blade maker.

High quality is the buzz word for all of his blades. Each blade has been individually hand-forged using traditional Japanese forging methods from a solid piece of the highest quality Japanese stainless cutlery steels. Most are made from superior R2 powder metal die damascus stainless steel. SRS13 stainless steel is also available by request.

210mm Camelback design series chef knife with curly koa wood handle short ebony bolster and stainless steel accents handmade luxury kitchen knives from Salter Fine Cutlery

We are currently offering the following blade styles and sizes either with our without a decorative bolster:

  • 130mm  petty
  • 180mm bunka
  • 210mm all-purpose chef

To see pricing, please use the drop down menus (above) to select blade size and handle options.

Are you interested, but want a different length or shape blade?

In addition to the sizes available for online ordering, we also offer custom orders for a wide range of blade sizes. Please call or email us for a quote on individual chef knives from this collection in special order sizes.

Please contact us or call us at 808-883-0128 for a quote on a custom chef knife set of 2 or more knives from this collection.

Handle Options

Handcrafted curly koa handles are included in the pricing shown; however, any exotic wood can be used. With rare exceptions, most woods will be priced the same as our koa wood handles.

Please contact us for an individualized quote if requesting rare or exotic handle materials. Please note, we will not make handles from any endangered wood or animal species. 

Pricing shown on this page provides options for a custom handle with a single bolster from the options shown below. Custom pricing will apply for extra-decorative handles featuring two or more accents, horn inlay, or other special materials or finishing techniques. 

    Bolster Options

    • Nickel-Silver
    • Contoured Brass
    • Mozambique Ebony (long or short version)
    • Stainless Steel available at an extra charge

    Storage & Set Options

    Koa presentation or keepsake boxes, stands, racks, or sheaths are a perfect storage option for your new chef knives and will be handcrafted and customized to match your knife order. After selecting knives on this page, see our Knife Storage Systems to add a box, stand, or rack prior to checkout.

    Options for storage include handmade wood sheaths to match your handle from Salter Fine Cutlery

    Storage option for knife drawer or counter-top curly Hawaiian koa wood sheath to match your handle from Salter Fine Cutlery

    Now offering custom leather sheaths to protect your blade using counter-top, knife roll, or in-drawer storage. Available in your choice of color and plain or with hand tooled decorative accents.

    Handmade leather knife sheaths to protect your Salter Fine Cutlery chef knife

    To discuss ideas for a gorgeous gift presentation for either an individual knife or a set, contact us by clicking the link or 

    Call Us: 808-883-0128

    All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.