8-Inch Shirogami Mirror-Polished Chef Knife

$ 2,795.00

This Shirogami, YSS white paper, double bevel chef knife has been designed by a professional chef who wanted the benefits of a heavier than normal hard-working every day Japanese chef knife, the convenience of a double bevel knife for use by either right or left handed use, the cutting ability of a fine hand-forged knife, plus edge-holding and sharpness capabilities of a well made shirogami carbon steel knife.

It is simply stunning in its beauty and simplicity of appearance, though the skill involved in making this very unusual knife was anything but simple. It required all the skills of a master bladesmith. This blade was hand-forged by an old-fashioned traditional Japanese blade maker from the Osaka region of Japan.

Looking like a cross between a gyuto and a kiritsuke, this knife combines the best of both styles in a single all-purpose hard-working knife that will stand up to the rigors of work in a professional environment or be the centerpiece of any knife collection.

The knife features a kiritsuke style tip and wide tapered beveling, while still incorporating some rounding of the leading edge to allow for cutting with a rocking motion. 

Shirogami is a very high quality carbon steel with excellent edge holding abilities and is easy to sharpen. It is one of the finest culinary steels available anywhere.  The blade has a high-polished mirror finish. 

The handle chosen for this knife is a collectible artist-series plus, plus and more plus!! Reminiscent of our highly collectible "King Knife" Chef knife as featured in the Robb Report, this handle contains many features including a flared bolster, multiple finger notches, hand-carved interior shaping, exhibition grade rare curly Hawaiian koa wood, Mozambique ebony, and brass fittings with red and black accents.

Combined with the unique blade, this is a knife worthy of any collection. 

If you like the weight and feel of a European knife, but want the edge and cutting abilities of a fine hand-forged Japanese knife, this knife is for you!

The blade has a high polished plus hairline finish which looks different in different lighting as you can see by the two different photos! 

This knife included an upgrade presentation box for permanent display in your home. The box was made using 5A exhibition grade exotic curly koa wood.

Update: Sorry, this knife, as shown, has been sold. We just received an identical blade from our bladesmith. Contact us to reserve and order with your choice of handle

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.