4-piece New "VillageForge" Collection Carving-Grill Set

$ 2,550.00

The new "VillageForge" design-series is a unique combination of point-hammer marks blending half-way down the blade to a series of beautiful damascus patterning with a matte finish. The effect, in bright lighting, is not unlike that of a shimmering piece of jewelry.

This set includes a large carving knife, a chef knife, a paring knife and a honing rod. 

Each blade was individually made by hand by a traditional blacksmith from Japan. When it reaches our workshop in Hawaii, each handle is individually handcrafted to fit that blade only. 

About the Set

  • Blade shape designed by Salter Fine Cutlery
  • Blades individually hand-forged in Japan exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery
  • Versatile enough for every day or special occasions
  • 270mm clip-point design on carving knife with hollow ground edge
  • 210mm all-purpose blade length on chef knife (approx 8 inches)
  • 100mm paring knife
  • Complimenting ceramic fine grit honing rod
  • R2 super high-quality Japanese cutlery stainless steel
  • Forged from a single bar of steel, no welded sections
  • Super sharp edge capabilities
  • Superior edge retention
  • Hand wash and dry only
  • Functional Art that is meant to be used for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

Use at the table for holiday roasts or for your outdoor-living cooking and grilling lifestyle

About the Handle

  • Handle length: 5 inches on longer knives, 4 inches on paring knife
  • Decorative series all-wood handles
  • Octagonal straight back design
  • Slight inward curve on underside for better grip and comfort
  • Flared bolster area for added grip security
  • Slanted end of handle
  • Hidden tang guaranteed to last a lifetime
  • 5A grade curly Hawaiian exotic and rare koa wood
  • Mozambique ebony accents and end cap
  • Red and black decorative striping

This set was a custom consignment made to our client's specifications and has been sold. The set included custom engraving on the blades.

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