3-Piece Charybdis-series Chef Knife Set in Stand

$ 3,550.00

Gift someone you love with the perfect accessory any home cook will love.

This 3-piece chef knife set is perfect for couples, seniors, singles and people cooking smaller or plant-based diet entrees. 

The set includes a beautiful dark pheasant wood modern block stand that keeps your set within easy reach in any size kitchen and displays both the blades and handles.

Treat yourself or those you love to luxury for the kitchen. 

The best of both worlds; the set is beautiful and extremely functional, plus boasts artisan made blades and handles of the highest quality. 

What's included: 

  • 3 individually hand-forged chef knives
  • Handcrafted stand that can be easily altered later to add more knives
  • Our top-of-the-line "Charybdis" design series of chef knives
  • 7-inch (180mm) bunka style vegetable and all purpose knife
  • 6-1/4 inch (158mm) everyday utility and small chef knife
  • 4-inch (100mm) paring knife

About the Blades:

  • R2 stainless Japanese cutlery steel
  • Designed by Salter Fine Cutlery
  • Individually hand-forged exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery
  • Forged in Japan by traditional Japanese bladesmith using special family pattern handed down for 8 generations
  • Unique whirlpool damascus pattern with gray matte finish
  • Whirlpool pattern made by hand by the bladesmith
  • Blades signed in kanji
  • Hidden tang construction
  • Exceptional cutting edge and edge retention capabilities

About the Handles:

  • Handle lengths: Varies with size of knife from 4-1/4  to 5 inches
  • Extra-decorative series handles
  • Octagonal straight back design
  • Slight inward curve on underside for better grip and comfort
  • Flared bolster area for added grip security
  • Slanted end of handle
  • Hidden tang guaranteed to last a lifetime
  • 5A grade curly Hawaiian koa wood
  • Mozambique ebony accents and end cap
  • Brass top fitting and accent piece
  • Cinnamon and black decorative striping

About the Stand:

  • Handcrafted by the owner in our Hawaii workshop
  • Modern design for a perfect accent piece in any size kitchen
  • View both handles and blades
  • Pheasant wood featuring dark brown and black tones with subtle patterning
  • Easy take-down design for storage if desired, no glued sections
  • Very stable. Will not tip

Update 6/22/2024: This set, as shown, has been sold. 

Please contact us to place your custom order. 808-883-0128

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.