3-pc 'Camelback' Chef Knife Set in Keepsake Box

$ 2,885.00

This chef knife set features three individually hand-forged blades by our top-of-the line Japanese bladesmith who also makes our popular Charybdis, Raptor, and VillageForge design series knives. 

What's included (Blade sizes approximate):

  •  8-inch all-purpose chef knife
  • 7-inch bunka-design vegetable or meat knife
  • 5-inch petty, sandwich, or utility knife
  • Handcrafted Hawaiian curly koa wood keepsake box

The "Camelback" series got its name from impression made by the beautiful, yet uncluttered look of the damascus pattern. The blade has a wavy desert or mountain range damascus pattern with a polished finish.

About the blades:

  • Individually hand-forged from solid bar of steel
  • No welded sections ever
  • Full tang construction
  • R2 highest quality Japanese cutlery steel 
  • Excellent rocking motion for professional chefs
  • Wider blades + slight upward curve in spine for chefs with large hands
  • Polished finish with wavy line 'clean' damascus pattern
  • Signed in Kanji by the bladesmith
  • Superior edge retention and performance capabilities

No welded sections like found on most production made knives. They are built to last a lifetime and beyond with proper maintenance.

About the handles:

  • Handcrafted in our Hawaii workshop
  • Individually Hand-shaped and hand-sanded
  • Hawaiian exotic curly koa wood
  • Short Mozambique ebony bolsters
  • Black/white decorative accents
  • Large decorative mosaic pin
  • Nickel-silver peened pins in bolster and handle
  • Longer handles for larger hands
  • Multiple sealing products used on each knife
  • Natural, easy to maintain tung oil finish
  • No CNC machines or other large machinery used 
  • Reclaimed & legally harvested kiln-dried koa wood

About the storage box:

  • Handcrafted by the owner/artist in our Hawaii workshop
  • Remove the tray sections holding the knives and use box later for any other purpose
  • Beautiful and rare Hawaiian curly koa wood
  • Kiln-dried
  • Sustainably sourced and legally harvested
  • Contrasting koa wood corner accents
  • 95 degree stay open lid
  • Antique brass swing latch

This set will make a beautiful gift for any special occasion. A gift that can be used for a lifetime. The box can be used for other purposes later by the recipient.

Update 4/9/2024: This set, as shown, has been sold. 

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.