240mm Shirogami Chef Knife hammer mark polished finish with 'western' feel handle

$ 895.00

NEW RELEASE! Add 'fire' to your cooking! Designed with the professional chef in mind, though all serious cooks will love this knife.

Hand-forged in Japan, the knife is in the traditional Japanese style, but has the added benefit of having clad stainless steel sides and a double bevel edge, meaning it can be used equally well by either right or left-handed chefs or home cooks.

The 240mm (approx. 9.5") blade has a shirogami carbon core cutting edge for incredible sharpness and ease of sharpening. Stainless clad sides have a beautiful hammered black matte finish that has been further polished to create a very unique and beautiful finish.

It has a traditional 'wa' style hidden tang design and is comfortable for long hours of use. 

The handle will be a joy to use as a hard-working knife for everyday use or as a splash of pizazz for the chef's at-home favorite use.  A great knife for any chef to use at special events, or for a show piece.  It is guaranteed to get attention while being the perfect workhorse!

This handle features a straight rounded shape 'extra-decorative' series design.  It has a 'western feel' shape though the underside of the handle.

The handle features rare Hawaiian curly koa wood, nickel-silver, Mozambique ebony and black/white accents. Handcrafted in our Hawaii workshop.

Please note that the blade edge is shirogami carbon steel. Extra maintenance is required to prevent either rust or dark spots just like you may remember from old knives your mom or grandma would have used prior to stainless steel becoming popular.  We are happy to answer your questions about how to maintain and care for this amazing knife.

To those of you who love to protect the environment, you can do no better than choose a Salter Fine Cutlery knife. The wood in this knife has been sustainably harvested and we use all reclaimed wood. The handle has been handmade in a small shop using only natural sunlight for a light source and no large machinery. 

Update 6/21/2024: This knife has been sold and is awaiting final completion of sale.

We do have more of these blades in stock. Contact us to order with your favorite handle requests

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.