210mm New "VillageForge" Collection Honesuki

$ 1,360.00

The new "VillageForge" design-series is a unique combination of point-hammer marks blending half-way down the blade to a series of beautiful damascus patterning with a matte finish. The effect, in bright lighting, is of shimmering steel alongside striking damascus wavy lines.

The 210mm honesuki blade was an original Salter Fine Cutlery design and has been hand-forged for us in Japan by a very talented traditional bladesmith to our specifications. Each blade is individually made by hand. When it reaches our workshop in Hawaii, each handle is individually handcrafted to fit that blade only. 

About the Knife

  • Blade shape designed by Salter Fine Cutlery
  • Heavy duty knife for big jobs 
  • 210mm blade length (approx 8-1/4 inches)
  • Approx 2-5/8" blade width at widest point
  • Blade thickness at widest point: 5mm (approx 1/8 inch), then tapers to tip
  • R2 super high-quality Japanese cutlery stainless steel
  • Forged from a single bar of steel, no welded sections
  • Super sharp edge capabilities
  • Superior edge retention
  • Hand wash and dry only
  • Functional Art that is meant to be used for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

Use this knife for butchering meat, cutting large fish heads, or any large job. It's built to work and much larger than a typical honesuki.  

About the Handle

  • Handle length: 5-1/4 inches
  • Decorative series handle
  • Octagonal straight back design
  • Slight inward curve on underside for better grip and comfort
  • Flared bolster area for added grip security
  • Slanted end of handle
  • Hidden tang guaranteed to last a lifetime
  • 5A grade curly Hawaiian exotic and rare koa wood
  • Mozambique ebony accents and end cap
  • Red and black decorative striping

This knife is being offered as knife only. Purchase an attractive wood or leather custom storage sheath, box, mini knife block, stand, in-drawer rack or other storage idea. If we can make it for you, we will. 

Update 8/8/2023: This knife has been sold. 

Contact us to place your custom honesuki order in your choice of blade size.