210mm Collectible Hunting Knife with Traditional Style Japanese Handle & Saya

$ 4,950.00

Our special hunting and collectible knives with hand-forged Japanese Damascus blades are nothing short of spectacular! Beauty and craftsmanship combine with Hawaiian exotic woods to create this amazing knife worthy of any collection. It is an inspired creation from our Japanese bladesmith combined with the handle and saya interpretation by Gregg Salter.

This knife has been made by the same bladesmith who makes blades for our Charybdis collection. The artistry of his workmanship and unique Damascus whirlpool pattern is just gorgeous! This blade is quite thick and has a hefty feel.

We currently have another similar blade in stock, as well as another style hunting blade, by the same bladesmith with a cutting edge of approx six inches. Each one of his blades is unique and will make a great one-of-a-kind collectible worthy of any collection.

Blades can be special ordered with handmade Shirogami Damascus, Gingami3 stain resistant or ZDP189 stain resistant Damascus. For this blade, Gingami3 stainless steel Damascus was chosen for easy care display storage.

Gregg made this knife to replicate the look of a traditional Japanese knife. All the parts are removable and the knife can be taken apart and put back together in the traditional Japanese way. For those who like to 'play' with their knife, he has Included a little 'work' stand made from Spanish Cedar. You can either use it to display this knife, or order a custom display stand made with Koa or other wood.

We have one more blade in the same shape, but with a 'fuller' running through part of the length of the blade available for your custom order.

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For complete blade specs, more photos, or information about our other blades from this bladesmith, please contact us at 808-883-0128.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.