210mm All-Purpose Vegetable and Meat Knife with Polished Finish

$ 850.00

Surprise the one you love with a gift that can be used and enjoyed every day!

This new 210mm (approx 8" blade) stainless steel all-purpose kitchen knife features an individually hand-forged blade by our top-of-the line Japanese bladesmith who also makes our Charybdis, VillageForge, and Raptor design-series knives. 

Designed for use cutting vegetables as well as meat or fish, this knife will be the perfect fit for anyone and any cooking or diet preferences. It is light and well balanced.

Cooking will be a breeze with a sharp blade and tapered kiritsuke style tip.

Check out these specs: (Measurements are approximate)

  • 8-1/4 inch (210mm) cutting edge
  • 2mm blade thickness tapering to tip
  • Handle Length: 5-1/4" to longest point, 4-3/4" to shortest tapered end point
  • Overall Length: 13-3/4" tip to longest point at end of tapered handle
  • Blade Width: 2-3/16" end of blade, 2/1/8" mid point

About the blade:

  • R2 highest quality Japanese powder metal stainless steel
  • Tapered kiritsuke style tip
  • Superior edge retention
  • High polished clad finish: 'clean, modern' looking for home or professional use
  • Hairline finish with hamon near the blade edge.
  • Bladesmith"s signature in kanji

About the handle:

  • Extra Decorative handle featuring Hawaiian curly koa wood
  • Faceted and beveled shape for easy, secure grip
  •  Nickel-silver top fitting (bolster)
  • Mozambique ebony decorative accent and pommel bolster
  • Black and white accent spacers

Price is for knife only. 

Sorry, this knife has been sold. Contact us to place your custom order.

Ask about personalizing your knife with custom engraving or adding an optional sheath, saya, stand or box to your order.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.