Custom Handcrafted Cutlery Sets

Salter Fine Cutlery specializes in exquisite, handcrafted cutlery made with Hawaiian koa and the finest Japanese steel blades. Custom cutlery sets can be configured in any combination or quantity:

  • Steak knives in 2-piece to 20-piece sets or more
  • Single, double, or full chef knife sets in a variety of blade styles and sizes
  • Carving knives and forks
  • Handcrafted koa blocks, racks, stands, and boxes available for all orders

To safely store or display our luxury cutlery sets, each collection is available with a handcrafted Hawaiian koa presentation box, keepsake box or stand.

Handmade Quality Kitchen Knife Set with Koa Knife Block by Salter Fine Cutlery

Our handmade, fine cutlery sets are customized to fit your precise design specification. Every piece made with the highest grade stainless steel or carbon-forged blades, each individually hand-forged by renowned Japanese master bladesmiths. Sought after for their incomparable quality, our blades are known for striking beauty, innovative textures, and gorgeous finishes.

As a Hawaiian-based artisan, we specialize in rare and exotic Hawaiian curly koa and hardwoods for our handles and boxes. Each piece of our handmade cutlery is the result of hours of meticulous handwork to produce results that are nothing short of stunning.

Salter Fine Cutlery custom handcrafted 3-piece chef knife set in stand plus integrated sharpening rod

Our knives are among the sharpest, most precise cutting implements in the world!

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