'Variety-Pack' Steak Knife Set in Presentation Box

$ 5,825.00

Exceptional beauty. Highest quality hand-forged Japanese blades. One-of-a-kind customized set made to your tastes. 

Choose your personal blade to accompany tonight's meal or let your guests choose their own unique knife, with this new 'variety-pack' steak knife set.

Gregg Salter, owner and artist who creates all the handles, boxes and stands in our Hawaii workshop, has created this set to showcase a variety of blades, handle styles, and materials. 

Each blade has been individually hand-forged to our own design specifications solely for Salter Fine Cutlery by our master bladesmith in Japan.

Every blade has been signed in kanji. 


  • Charybdis whirlpool pattern 130mm cattleman's style blades
  • New Village Forge blades with 127mm Classic shape blades with various handles

Set includes a beautiful handmade curly Hawaiian koa wood presentation box with upgrade 5A rare koa wood.

As with all Salter Fine Cutlery products, this set has a lifetime guarantee for both quality and workmanship.

UPDATE: This set, as shown, has been sold. Contact us to order your custom variety set or presentation box.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.