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6-piece custom steak knife set featuring our Raptor design blades and curly koa wood handles with matching presentation box by Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

As a custom maker, every product is made completely by hand and is a work of functional art for the home. Every product is unique and has its own character depending upon the materials and decorative options chosen by or for you.

6-piece custom handmade steak knife set featuring our Raptor design blades with curly Hawaiian koa wood handles and matching presentation box by Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

Special requests are gladly accepted as long as we can source the materials and they are not on any endangered list. 

Our knife blades are all designed by us and made exclusively for us by traditional blacksmiths in Japan. Every handle is individually handcrafted in our Hawaii workshop.

Custom hand-forged chef knives can be ordered individually or as sets from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

Every process is done by hand. There are no fancy CNC machines pumping out your knives. No premade handles or handle slabs. 

Gregg, the owner and artist, will start producing your order by picking a board of wood to best compliment your knife or set, then mill that wood, making the handle slabs and pieces for your preferred storage box, stand or knife block to best compliment the handles. 

12-piece luxury handmade steak knife set with upgrade curly koa wood handcrafted presentation box for luxury living from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

Many hours go into the construction of every knife in an attempt to make your knife set, box, or other custom gift a work of luxury functional art you will be proud to own and display in your home for a lifetime and/or passed down as an heirloom gift.

Custom carving set created from our clients recycled boat deck and trim woods handcrafted by Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

Besides knives, we also make and have made many custom requests, including jewelry boxes, humidors, presentation display boxes for your own collectibles, table centerpieces and napkin holders, canes, game boards, rocking horses, office decor and many other items over the years. 

Custom requested artistic cribbage board for game room display handcrafted by Salter Fine Cutlery and woodworking Hawaii

We will never try to pressure or oversell and will only recommend items we think will be artistically suited to your requests. Our goal is to offer consistently good, personalized old-fashioned service, and we will be here to help you beyond the sale. 

If you have questions or a custom request, we invite you to step back in time and phone us at 808-883-0128, where we can assist you with your request. And please remember, we are in Hawaii. Please allow for time zone differences. If we don't answer, please leave a message.

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