Want to know more about who we are and what we do?

Gregg Salter of Salter Fine Cutlery in his workshop

To learn more about the attention to detail that goes into every knife, box or stand, we think you will enjoy looking around the Salter Edge section of our web site

There you will see that when we say old-fashioned handcraftsmanship, we mean it.

Click on the drop down menu under the Salter Edge header, where you can learn about what goes into the creation of our handmade knives and boxes.

Learn about our woods, particularly the incredibly beautiful and rare Hawaiian curly koa wood we are best known for. 

In the section titled our blades, you will see a wide variety of blades and blade steels we offer. Each one is the best steel of its kind and each is made in Japan. Japanese steel is known as some of the best steel in the world and we make it a point to only order the best of the best!  This includes top grade exotic stainless cutlery steels, carbon steels for professional chefs and knife purists, and the very best steels for use in our collectible and hunting knife blades.

Continue to the pages titled Eco-Friendly Processes, Care and Use, and Gregg Salter to gain an even greater insight into who we are and how much we strive to make a high-quality product while at the same time taking care of our island resources and the environment. 

To see a wide variety of photos from previous custom orders you probably won't see elsewhere on our site, have a peek at the Gallery. See something you like? Ask if we can make something similar for you!

And finally, Contact Us to ask any question via e-mail or please do not hesitate to Call us at 808-883-0128. We are normally available 7 days a week, but do sleep and have to leave occasionally, so please leave a message if we don't answer the phone. Sometimes we are here, but it can get pretty noisy in the workshop, or Gregg might be covered in glue!

Gregg Salter at his shop in Hawaii

Gregg and Marie of Salter Fine Cutlery with one of our famous blade makers in Japan

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