Our Salter Fine Cutlery Steak Knives to be Featured at The Grill in New York City

Salter Steak Knives from Salter Fine Cutlery for The Grill Restaurant New York

Our steak knives were featured in an article in Bloomberg.com!  According to Bloomberg "The Grill's tableware recreates a design by fabled First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, with Salter steak knives."  

This is a true example of special custom requests we get for steak knives. In this case, the Grill, what Bloomberg describes as "New York's most important new restaurant" wanted their handles to look good with walnut. We sent them a knife with a walnut handle, but also included some samples of our signature Hawaiian curly koa wood because the colors look special next to so many other woods. They agreed. We then decided upon the bolster choice which would compliment their beautiful china, leaving ample room for their logo to be added to the bolster.  

Elegance and simplicity was important, so the decision was to include a minimal number of solid brass pins allowing for the beauty of the wood to dominate the handle.

As they would have their own storage system, we were happy to offer them, as we do with all of our customers, the choice of storage system, or to purchase knives only.

All Salter Fine Cutlery steak knives are made entirely by hand and take quite a while to make. Our bladesmith in Japan hand-forges the blades using traditional Japanese forging methods from the finest steels and Gregg makes the handles in our Hawaii workshop.

Wait times can sometimes be long, therefore, we advise ordering early. We are currently accepting orders for holiday 2017 delivery.

Salter steak knives created for the new Grill restaurant in New York City

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