My Steaks are Always Tender

Handmade Custom Steak Knife Set and Carving Set in Presentation Box from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

Why buy a custom set of steak knives when you always buy the best cuts of meat? Enjoy our latest video and you'll see. Keep reading and you'll know.

Yes, a sharp knife enhances flavor. Yep, it really is true. (I'll share the science in a later post.)

But here is the main reason and it really is quite a simple one:

    • They look great
    • They cut great
    • They are fun to look at, fun to hold, and fun to use!
    • They make the meal more memorable!
    • They will last a lifetime

Include a beautiful handcrafted presentation box for an impressive display or let your guests pick their own knife from the box!

Contact us for information and pricing:

808-883-0128 or

Steak Knife Set and Carving Knife Set in Presentation Box by Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

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