How to Order a Custom Chef Knife Set

9-piece chef knife set in knife block by Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

Time for a new set of knives? Something unique, beautiful and built to last? We want to help. Read on to find out how to order your one-of-a-kind piece of functional art built for a lifetime of cooking enjoyment.

Luxury 9-piece kitchen knife set in block stand handmade in Hawaii by Salter Fine Cutlery

First, make your checklist.

  • How many knives would you like? Don't know? Ask. We can help.
  • Describe your cooking habits. Cooking for 1 or 2, or large family. Vegan. Lots of shellfish or big meat roasts. Anything that can help us guide you into the perfect set if you aren't sure of what you need.
  • Find a photo on our site that shows a blade finish you like. Damascus pattern? Whirlpool damascus (Charybdis-series)? Hammered (Raptor-series)? Plain traditional, no pattern? 
  • Find a photo or photos of the shape or decorative features of handles you like.
  • Decide your storage choice. Knife block? Box? Stand? Wall Rack? Magnetic rack? In-drawer or under counter storage?
  • If counter space is limited and you want a knife block, tell us. Measure the maximum length, width, and height that will work in your kitchen.
  • If you are on a budget, tell us. We will then try to find knife and set options that won't break your pocketbook. Remember, we can source many blades that are not shown on our web site by special order.
  • Plan ahead! Quality takes time. Every knife, every blade, every handle is made completely by hand. 

Small Chef and steak knife set in side-by-side tower stand

Your set will be a work of art. Each piece is unlike any other. One-of-a-kind is our specialty. 

Boxes set of handmade chef knives unique heirloom wedding gift in a presentation box from Salter Fine Cutlery

Sometimes, the old-fashioned phone call is quicker and easier. We welcome your calls. We can go through the web site together if you have questions.

Remember, we are in Hawaii. If we are sleeping when you call, please leave a message.

Call Us: 808-883-0128

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Large luxury handmade chef knife set in knife block by Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

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