Also making beautiful Hawaiian koa wood jewelry boxes and other wood gifts

Custom Handmade Medium Jewelry Box curly koa wood by Salter Fine Cutlery and Custom Woodworking

This year, surprise your loved one with a gift made by hand. Every item we offer is completely handcrafted with care and love by the owner/artist. And this year, we have made a selection of ready-to-ship gifts to fit that special person on your list.

Plus...every ready-to-ship item from our Shop Now collection, is offered at late 2022 pricing. Beat inflation, by ordering here!

What's new? Choose from this selection, or plan ahead and order a custom size with sections to fit your jewelry or special collection.

Two new Jewelry or Valet boxes! Or get one for each of you! 

Handcrafted medium size jewelry box curly koa wood by Salter Fine Cutlery and fine woodworking   Handcrafted medium jewelry box by Salter Fine Cutlery and custom woodworking

We added mens and womens jewelry to the photos to make it easy to tell one box from the other as they were both made from super curly Hawaiian koa wood.

handcrafted medium mens valet or jewelry box from Salter Fine Cutlery and custom woodworking   Handcrafted Mens valet or jewelry box Hawaiian koa wood by Salter Fine Cutlery and custom woodworking

These medium size boxes are great for any gender because the internal divider sections are all completely removable. Need more space for a large item, remove one of the dividers.

Order as is, or have us add a latch and/or engraved plate with your personal sentiment at no charge.

 Other offerings include:

3-pc chef knife set in keepsake box by Salter Fine Cutlery

3-piece chef knife set in a keepsake box.

This gift is really a 2 for 1 gift because the knives can be removed and stored elsewhere in the kitchen, leaving the keepsake box usable as a valet, collectibles box or many other uses.


3-pc chef knife set with modern take-down stand by Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

3-piece chef knife set in modern stand.

This new set will be the most used knives in the house for any couple, singles, or seniors. Gift someone you love.

Small kitchen? First Apartment or Home?

Make your kitchen sizzle with this top-of-the-line Charybdis-series chef knife set.


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