How do I know what type of chef knife to buy? Part 1

How do I know what type of chef knife to buy? Part 1

With such a large array of possibilities, it can be difficult to know what you would like to order and how to create an order.  I hope this post series will help.

We truly enjoy helping you to make purchases that will give you the most enjoyment for your own cooking and dining needs. We will always try to help you get exactly what will suit you best.

Let's say you would like to own one of our chef knives, but just don't know where to start. The first step is to ask yourself, do I want something that is easy to care for or that will give me the sharpest edge possible.  If easy care is your answer, definitely pick one of our VG10 or R2 stainless steel western style knives. For the traditionalist who wants sharp and doesn't mind having a little more maintenance or doesn't mind dark stain marks on their blade, choose one our superb carbon steel blades.

Ask yourself: do I like new and modern or more traditional? For a modern look with easy maintenance, I would consider our Japanese-French fusion collection. They have the sharpness and lightness of a Japanese knife with the blade shape, depth, and rocking action of a traditional French or other European style knife.

Want a bit of both worlds? We also offer a shirogami carbon steel core chef knife with textured stainless steel sides! This means that the cutting edge is made of one of the sharpest and highest quality carbon steels you can find, then the bladesmith clad (added) stainless steel sides. You will either have to protect the actual cutting edge from rusting or if you don't mind black marks on the blade edge, just wash and dry thoroughly and place in a supplied rust protective paper during storage.

What about size and knife type?  We will talk about that in Part 2 of this series.

I am told I should keep my blog posts short, therefore, will continue this with part 2 in a few days!

Western style full-tang 160mm  small stainless steel damascus chef knife

French-fusion 2-piece chef set with modern faceted handles, brass bolsters and Japanese hand-forged damascus stainless steel blades

Shirogami carbon steel slicing or sashimi knife with mirror polish finish

Shirogami carbon core cutting edge wrapped in textured stainless steel


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