Chef Sugiyama gets his new knife

Chef Sugiyama gets his new knife

Our biggest joy is in bringing joy to our customers! We appreciate every comment or e-mail we get. Sometimes we even get photos that tell fun stories.

Last night was one such story. One of the things we enjoy most is the reactions we get from people who write to thank us or send us family photos of them with their new knives or opening their knives.  One such photo several years ago convinced me that I was using all too much bubble wrap in my zeal to protect our shipments! It showed the teenage daughter of a customer opening her new jewelry box. She was so happy that tears of joy flowed down her face.  There she sat among, quite literally, mounds of bubble wrap surrounding her and in the middle was the jewelry box on her lap!  Such a memorable photo.

Last night, we received a surprise phone call from Japan, where sushi chef Sugiyama of Michelin rated Ginza Sushi Ko 6-3-8 restaurant thanked us and expressed his pleasure with his new hon yaki paring knife.  Then a short while later, we received these photos of his new knife at work.

Like the girl with tears of joy in her eyes surrounded by piles of bubble wrap, this phone call will live in our hearts for many years.  And if anyone out there wants to share some knife handling tips or knows how he did this in mere moments, I would love to pass it along.

Salter Fine Cutlery hon yaki paring knife at work

Salter Fine Cutlery paring knife at Sushi Ko 6-3-8 restaurant


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