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New: Ceramic Sharpening Rods

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering ceramic sharpening rods.  These rods come in a small narrow rod for use with our steak knife sets or small knives and a 1/2 inch diameter 12 inch rod for larger knives.

As an added bonus, we are offering a free ceramic rod with every steak knife set purchase or custom order now through May 31st! 

Each rod will have a beautiful Hawaiian curly koa wood handle to compliment your set. In addition, you may request your small steak rod in medium or fine grit.

I am often asked "How well will my knives stay sharp?".  As with all knives, they will eventually become dull. I will talk more about this later. How long your knife will retain its edge will depend upon how you use and maintain it.   But, if you use a ceramic fine grit rod after every use, you will be surprised at how long they will retain a beautiful sharp edge!

I'm no professional chef, but I do cook about 350 nights a year, so my kitchen and steak knives get quite a workout!  I love how my steak knives cut so many things, including salad and just about any meat, plus love the look and feel; meaning I use them about four nights a week.  After each use, I grab my little sharpening rod and quickly strop each knife a half dozen times on each side before they get put back in my knife drawer. This keeps them razor sharp for a long time.

We will discuss sharpening and how to choose and use a ceramic sharpening tool in our next blog.




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