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In Stock Item: Koa Wood Cane

$ 695.00

Our handcrafted cane is made with distinctive solid Hawaiian koa wood, and has decorative corner accents of exotic Mozambique ebony. There is a purple stone surrounded by white spacers decorative accent between the handle and the shaft of the cane.

Any user of a cane will enjoy the fit and feel of this handle. 

The handle is made and hand-formed from very curly exotic Hawaiian curly koa wood. The combination faceted and rounded shaft of the cane is made from  complimenting curly koa wood with added birds-eye features for a very dramatic and masculine look.

A hefty replaceable rubber tip ensures safe support for an elderly gentleman or someone who needs extra support.

We can make any custom cane to any size specifications for either gender. This cane measures 36 inches and was made to fit a man measuring 5'10".

Note: This cane was a custom order and has been sold. 

Contact us to order your own custom size and style cane:  808-883-0128.

 All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.