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In Stock Item: Individual Small Utility/Paring Knife

$ 390.00

105mm paring knife with stainless steel bolster from Salter Fine Cutlery
105mm paring knife with stainless steel bolster from Salter Fine Cutlery Handmade koa wood handle by Salter Fine Cutlery Paring knife handmade by Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

$ 390.00

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For the best in hand-forged, functional artistry, this small knife will be sure to please. The superior quality Japanese hand-forged R2 stainless steel blade features a hammered finish. 

Use as a general small utility, steak or sandwich knife. 

R2 powder metal die stainless steel is among the best steels for knives available anywhere in the world. It has excellent edge holding abilities and is easy to sharpen. It is lightweight, but very sharp and perfect for precise cuts for sandwiches, slicing tomatoes, celery, fruit or any small job.

The blade has a hammered finish, with the damascus layers visible near the edge of the blade. Each hammer mark has been made by hand with a small hammer during the hand-forging process and have been signed in kanji by the blade maker in Japan.

Completely handmade, this knife is  full-tang, with steel running throughout the handle for extra strength and a western (European-style) look and feel. It was made with a solid piece of R2 steel. It has NOT had the handle made from any other less expensive steels. No parts have been welded together like is customary in production knives.

The blade was made in Japan to our own design specifications and the handle made in Hawaii by Gregg Salter of Salter Fine Cutlery.

Other features include a stainless steel bolster, plus black and white accents between the koa wood and the bolster.

    Knife Specifications:

    • 410 stainless steel bolster
    • R2 powder metal die stainless steel
    • Hammered finish
    • Blade length: 105mm (approx 4.1 inches)
    • Overall length: approx 9 inches

    This knife, as shown, is ready for shipping now.

    We welcome your questions and gladly offer custom order consultations to help design the perfect product. If you do not see a material listed, please ask. We are able to accommodate most requests using a wide selection of rare, exotic legally-obtainable materials not listed here.

    All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.

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