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In Stock Item: 9-Piece Charybdis-Series Chef Knife Set in Knife Block

$ 9,900.00

This special custom handcrafted stainless damascus chef knife set in a block stand from Salter Fine Cutlery features our special collector's series "Charybdis" 8-piece chef knife set plus a fine grit ceramic honing rod.  This set makes a dramatic statement in any kitchen presented in a striking traditional knife block of matching premium grade curly Hawaiian koa wood.

A maple interior featuring custom fitted sheaths to hold each knife and vented bottom to allow for air flow to the blades are included in the custom features of this set.

Included in this set are: 

  • 240mm slicing knife with tanto style tip
  • 210mm chef knife
  • 180mm bunka design vegetable and meat knife
  • 170mm small chef knife
  • 155mm petty,
  • 145mm fillet knife
  • 100mm paring knife
  • 85mm short paring knife
  • 1/2" round x 12" long ceramic fine grit sharpening rod. 

Each knife blade was individually hand-forged exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery to our own design specifications of exotic R2 high-quality powder metal die Japanese stainless steel. They were then forged with the bladesmith's signature, unique damascus whirlpool pattern, and finally signed in kanji by the bladesmith in Japan. 

To keep your blades honed to a razor's edge, we have included a high-quality fine grit ceramic sharpening rod made in the USA.

For this set, we have made the block and have set aside the blades. You may purchase this set with your choice of handle shape and decorative features with matching curly koa wood that has also been set aside for you.

The handcrafted handles will be made from premium grade Hawaiian curly koa wood with rare deep bronze and red tones and our extra decorative "artist collection" handles. These handles feature flared bolster and end caps, finger notch, and curved, rounded handle shape or you may customize your handles with your own choice of handle shape and accents. 

A custom hand-crafted block sets off this amazing set.  Each knife is cradled in a maple interior sheath that has been designed to ensure airflow to the blades, then wrapped inside solid highly figured matching koa wood. Modern looking, yet traditional, this set will look beautiful in any kitchen. A decorative trim of contrasting koa wood sets off the beauty of the knives perfectly.

Cork feet keep your block from slipping and the wood block away from moisture.

Contact us for more information or to order this set at 808-883-0128

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.