In Stock Item: 6-piece Steak Knife Set with Stainless Steel Bolsters in Keepsake Box

$ 3,625.00

This handcrafted 6-piece steak knife set is truly a luxury heirloom gift or addition to your dining experience.

Artistry with an edge perfectly describes this beautiful dining cutlery set.

The set features our popular VG10 stainless steel damascus pattern knives with 127mm (approx 5 inch) blades.

Each blade has been individually hand-forged to our own design specifications solely for Salter Fine Cutlery and signed in kanji by our master bladesmith in Japan. 

Each knife's handcrafted handle has been constructed of exotic and rare curly Hawaiian koa wood with a handmade contoured stainless steel bolster.

The bolster is that small material which separates the solid wood handle from the blade.  Stainless steel pins, plus black and white accent pieces complete the look.

A Hawaiian curly koa wood keepsake box made with wood from our local Mauna Loa volcano features brass stop hinges, and antique brass swing latch. The box is included in this set pricing.

Completely artisan crafted by hand.

As with all Salter Fine Cutlery products, this set has a lifetime guarantee for both quality and workmanship.  

We are certain you will agree these are simply the best steak knife sets available anywhere.

This set is ready to ship NOW.  

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.