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In Stock Item: 6-Piece "Raptor" Chef/Steak Combo Set in Knife Block

$ 5,500.00

This beautiful and super high quality 6-piece hand-forged stainless steel chef and steak knife combo set features 4 chef knives and 2 steak knives. It is the perfect size for couples, small kitchens, or anyone who normally cooks for small families. 

Knife sizes are typically measured by blade size.  This set features contains the following assortment:

  • One 210mm (approx. 8-1/4") all-purpose chef knife
  • One 180mm (approx 7") meat and vegetable bunka style knife
  • One 170mm (approx 6-3/4") small chef knife
  • Two 127mm (approx 5") steak and sandwich knives
  • One 85mm (approx 3-1/2") paring knife

These blades have been designed exclusively by and for Salter Fine Cutlery. Made with one of the best quality stainless Japanese steels available, called R2 damascus powder metal die steel, they have an exceptional cutting edge and edge retention capabilities.

The striking claw mark pattern in high polished steel together with matte finish damascus lines near the blade edge create a most exciting new look. They are signed in kanji by the bladesmith denoting their status as works of art.

For these knives, we have chosen a more traditional Asian style handle interpretation, featuring faceted 8-sided handles of premium grade Hawaiian curly koa wood with Mozambique ebony accent pieces, nickel-silver top and bottom of handle metal fittings plus extra striking black and white decorative accents. 

The knives are beautifully displayed in our handcrafted curly koa wood knife block. The internal sections which house each knife were cut to fit each individual knife and are made of hard, non-reactive maple for added protection of your knives. These slots have been designed to help guard against undue wear and tear due to the sharpness of the blades. They are open at the bottom for full ventilation.

Every thought has been given to function as well as beauty as the entire block has been joined and wrapped in solid curly koa wood, sealed and given an oiled finish for a lifetime of use in your kitchen with proper care. 

The price shown is for the 6-piece knife set including our modern design knife block. 

Update 8/4/21: Sorry, this set has been sold.

We do have blades available and in stock for your custom handle preferences and order. Contact us for information.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.