Salter Fine Cutlery

In Stock Item: 6-piece new 2022 Damascus Pattern Steak Knives

$ 2,460.00

This beautiful steak knife set features our new-for-2022 revised damascus patterning with a polished finish for a crisp, modern and updated version of our very popular "Salter-Classic" handmade steak knives.

The VG-10 stainless layered pattern damascus  knife with 127mm (approx 5 inch) blade provides the best in cutlery steels. 

These blades were individually hand-forged to our own design specifications solely for Salter Fine Cutlery by our master bladesmith in Japan. They have been signed in kanji by the bladesmith.

Also new for 2022, on these knives, we have added a small end section near the back of the blade that is blunt for extra protection against slipping or when handling your knife at the table.

This set features a handle of exotic Hawaiian lychee wood with a black accent near the blade of Mozambique ebony. Cinnamon accents complete the that is bright and modern for your modern home.  

These knives were a custom order and ordered for the client's own drawer storage. No box or storage racks were requested. All Salter knife sets can be ordered with a variety of storage options or knives only.

Price shown is for a set of 6 custom luxury steak knives.

Note: These knives were a custom order and have already been sold.

Order your custom set for 2022 delivery now. Blades are now available and in stock.

Prefer the 'old' look? We have 4 blades from our 2021 collection remaining. 

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.