In Stock Item: 4-Piece Steak Knife Set with Polished Clad Finish in Keepsake Box

$ 2,335.00

This elegant custom handcrafted steak knife set was recently completed in our workshop. The set features our exclusive designed blades, handles, and attractive storage box.

About the Knives:

  • Salter "Classic Clad" design series 
  • VG10 stainless steel blades 
  • Individually hand-forged in Japan
  • San Mai clad blades
  • 'Hairline' satin polished finish
  • Signed in kanji by the bladesmith
  • Bladesmith's signature hamon line
  • Blades 127mm long (approx 5-inches)
  • Overall length 10 inches
  • Unique designs created by and made for Salter Fine Cutlery
  • Curly rare kiln-dried reclaimed Hawaiian koa wood handles
  • Handcrafted brass contoured bolsters and pins
  • Black tang and bolster accents 

What makes our blades different:

  • Hand-forged by a master bladesmith  to our exclusive design specifications using traditional forging methods. 
  • Handmade billets from solid steel bars
  •  No welded components 
  • Every part of the process handmade to the highest standards of quality

They possess a clean, modern and elegant look. Like many beautiful creations made by Japanese artists, have a simplicity that is very difficult to actually make by hand.

About the storage box:

  • Handcrafted in our Hawaii workshop
  • Unique Queensland Maple keepsake box with curly koa wood decorative sides
  • Attractive enough for permanent display 
  • Budget priced keepsake box option

Update 6/14/2024: This set, as shown, is currently on hold awaiting completion of sale. You may place your name on a wait list or order your custom set of similar blades and box.

 We welcome your questions and gladly offer custom order consultations to help design the perfect product. If you do not see a material listed, please ask. We are able to accommodate most requests using a wide selection of rare, exotic legally-obtainable materials not listed here.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.