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In Stock Item: 3-piece "Raptor" Carving Set in Presentation Box

$ 3,585.00

This 3-piece carving set is from our 'Raptor' exclusive design collection and is offered with a beautiful curly koa wood presentation box.

Called the Raptor because of the unique hammered pattern that looks like claw marks, this design has an eye-catching high polished finish on the 'claw mark' section and damascus lines with a gray matte finish on the lower portion of the blade nearest the cutting edge.  This creates a truly unique and fascinating addition to your holiday table.

The carving knife and fork were individually hand-forged in Japan exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery and were designed by us. You won't find them elsewhere. 

Set Specifications, in inches:

  • Blade length: Approx 9.5 inches)
  • Knife overall length: Approx. 15-3/4 inches
  • Fork tines: Approx 5-1/4 inches
  • Fork overall length: Approx 13-1/2 inches
  • Honing Rod exposed length: Approx 10-1/2 inches

Made from R2 powder metal die stainless damascus steel, they are of exceptionally high quality and were each handmade from a solid piece of steel running throughout the handle, called 'full-tang' construction. This makes them a substantial feeling knife and fork, similar to European-style carving sets.

The fork also has a Raptor neck with the same high polish, but in this case, has a damascus pattern throughout the slightly flared tines.

The set features our handcrafted curly Hawaiian koa wood handle with decorative Mozambique ebony bolsters. 

A  fine grit ceramic honing rod, made in the USA, is included with a complimenting koa and ebony handle.

A handcrafted Hawaiian curly koa wood presentation box is included.  This set currently does not have a latch included, but one can be added by request.

Update 11/18/2021: This set, as shown, has been sold. 

We have one more identical set of these blades in stock for your custom handle and set order. Contact us to order or for questions.

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