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In Stock Item: 3-pc New 'White Frost' Chef Knife Set

$ 1,780.00

In Stock Item: 3-pc New 'White Frost' Chef Knife Set

Modern styling meets old-world craftsmanship with our new line of fine hand-forged chef knives which we have named our 'White Frost' kitchen knife set. These beautiful chef knives will enhance the decor of your modern kitchen perfectly and enhance your joy of cooking with their quality and exceptional craftsmanship.

Our Japanese artisan, a renowned master bladesmith, has signed each blade in kanji.

The set consists of three knives. Blade lengths are 210mm (approx 8-inch) 180mm (approx 7-1/8"), and 130mm (approx 5") and contains an all-purpose chef knife, a 'bunka' perfect for vegetables as well as slicing meat and fish, and a small utility knife.   

These knives are of the finest quality and meant to be used for many years whether you are a home cooking enthusiast or professional chef!   Made with VG10 stain-resistant layered damascus steel, one of the finest quality culinary steels available, they have excellent edge retention, and are easy to sharpen and maintain. 

The handles have been individually handcrafted in Hawaii from beautiful Hawaiian curly mango wood. Decorative handle accents include nickel-silver and dark Hawaiian pheasant wood.

The handles have been made with a faceted modern look and have been hand-shaped and sanded to an incredibly smooth 3000 grit finish, then oiled to a slight sheen. Our handle finish is also easy to maintain and we are here to help if you ever need us.

Hand-wash and dry after each use as with any high quality knife.

Price is for knives only. 

Update 12/26/2019: These knives, as shown, have been sold. We have additional blades like this being made in Japan for spring delivery. Contact us to reserve yours now.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.