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In Stock Item: 240mm Kiritsuke design Slicing knife with Tanto-style tip

$ 1,270.00

This gorgeous Japanese hand-forged 240mm (approx. 9.5") blade will make the perfect addition for any knife collector or cooking enthusiast.

Hand-forged in Japan by an 8th generation blade maker of R2 powder metal die stainless cutlery steel, it is unique in its beautiful whirlpool damascus pattern finish. Created from start to finish by one person who also makes his own billets from thick bar stock: the blade and cutting edge have been expertly ground and forged by hand. 

We have sold his chef knives to both collectors and professional chefs, always with rave reviews.

Now, in our newest addition to this culinary knife line, we have added this very beautiful and functional slicing knife, called a kiritsuke, with a modified tanto-style tip. Use it for slicing any meat, small roasts, fish, poultry or making sushi. They are also great for cutting bread and is what I use in our kitchen for large loaves of fresh bread!

Our signature custom, handcrafted handle is made from exotic and rare Hawaiian koa wood with our "artist-series" decorative handle. The handle boasts lots of bling! Nickel-silver metal accents, bolster and end-cap plus Mozambique ebony, black and white decorative accents create a handle worthy of this blade and one which you will enjoy looking at as much as using!

To learn more about these wonderful and unique collectible knives, please refer to The Charybdis Collection page for more information.

Price shown is for knife only. 

Update 7/19/2021: This knife has been sold. We have 2 more of these blades in stock. Contact us to place your custom order.

You may order a box, custom sheath (saya) or other storage option to accompany your knife by contacting us.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.