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In Stock Item: 240mm Clip-Point Whirlpool Damascus Carving Knife

$ 1,250.00

 For your holiday table this season, we are introducing the next generation of our "Euro-Asian Fusion" series. This new design offers European modern styling combined with Japanese blade artistry.

Truly a work of functional art for your dining experience, this gorgeous  hand-forged 240mm (approx. 9-1/2") blade will make the perfect addition for any knife collector or cooking enthusiast.

It is simply the best addition to any large gathering, Bar-B-Q party, or holiday roast!

Featuring a clip-point blade design and signature whirlpool damascus pattern, this knife is the latest addition to our top-of-the-line collection called the "Charybdis Collectible" series of fine cutlery.  We think you will love this custom design.

To read more about this series, please click the link below: 

The Charybdis Collection

Hand-forged in Japan by an 8th generation blade maker, the knife has an incredibly beautiful and unique damascus pattern and finish. Every swirl in the pattern was made individually by the bladesmith. As the pattern imitates whirlpools, the ripples of the damascus lines along the bottom portion of the blade resemble running water.

The knife features a full tang design designed by and made exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery. It was hand-forged from a solid bar of extremely high-quality Japanese R2 powder metal die stainless steel.  The quality is much higher than knives made using premade billets from sheet steel or a stock removal method. 

Our signature custom, handcrafted handle is made from exotic and very rare premium old-growth Hawaiian koa wood for a sleek and modern look.

This knife, as shown, is ready for shipping now.

Price shown is for the knife only. Only one piece available.


Need a sheath or box? Order an optional storage box, wood or leather sheath. Contact us for details. 

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.