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In Stock Item: 210mm Charybdis Collection Damascus Chef Knife

$ 1,240.00

This gorgeous Japanese hand-forged 210mm (approx. 8") blade will make the perfect addition for any knife collector or cooking enthusiast.

Hand-forged in Japan by an 8th generation sword maker, this knife is unique in its beautiful and unique whirlpool damascus pattern. It has a double bevel (two-sided blade edge), perfect for either left or right-handed use and was forged from very high-quality R2 powder metal die stainless steel for easy upkeep and amazing edge retention.

Our signature custom, handcrafted handle is made from exotic and very rare old-growth koa wood with nickel-silver bolster and end caps, A Mozambique ebony accent has been added near the end of the handle. Other decorative features include multiple red and black decorative stripes.

The handle has a curved shape with rounded sides, a flared bolster and slight finger notch for added grip.

We are accepting orders for a similar knife. Contact us for more information.

Update 9/6/2022: Sorry, this knife has been sold.

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