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In Stock Item: 2-Piece "Charybdis" series Chef Knife Set

$ 1,940.00

Perfect for the professional chef or home cooking, this new 2-piece chef knife set will delight any cooking enthusiast.  It will please anyone who likes the simplicity of a traditional  looking  Japanese knife, but with a modern touch.

These chef knives are both extremely functional and of the highest quality. 

From our exclusive top-of-the-line "Charybdis" design series of chef knives, this set features a 210mm all-purpose chef knife (also known as a gyuto) and a 180mm bunka for use with vegetables or meat. 

Knife sizes are typically measured by blade size. If you are unfamiliar with millimeter blade sizing, this set features a set with a blade of approximately 8 inches and a vege/meat combination knife with a blade length of approximately 7 inches.

These blades have been designed exclusively by and for Salter Fine Cutlery. Made with the best quality stainless Japanese steel called R2 powder metal die steel, they have an exceptional cutting edge and edge retention capabilities.

The striking whirlpool damascus gray finish was handforged and created by our bladesmith in Japan. They have also been signed in kanji by the blade maker.

For these knives, we have chosen a solid wood traditional faceted and straight series handles.  The main body of the handle is rare, Hawaiian curly koa wood married with Mozambique ebony bolsters and small end caps, also of Mozambique ebony.

The price shown is for the 2-piece knife set only. 

We offer custom, handcrafted sheaths, stands, magnetic wall racks or boxes to beautifully display or store your chef knife set. Please see our Custom Knife Storage Systems to make your selection.  

Update 10/23/20: This set, as shown, has been sold.

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