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In Stock Item: 17-Piece Combination Chef and Steak Knife Set in Block

$ 8,780.00

Exotic wood handles and stand large handcrafted steak chef set by Salter Fine Cutlery
Exotic wood handles and stand large handcrafted steak chef set by Salter Fine Cutlery 17-piece combination chef and steak knife set in block stand by Salter Fine Cutlery handforged stainless steel handcrafted exotic handles and block stand Large custom knife set handmade with matching knife block Salter Fine Cutlery 17-piece custom handmade stainless steel chef steak knife set in stand by Salter Fine Cutlery a Custom high-end luxury handmade chef set Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

$ 8,780.00

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Superb attention to detail is evident throughout this special custom handcrafted chef and steak knife set in a block from Salter Fine Cutlery.

This custom handcrafted set features a 5-piece chef knife set, 10-piece steak knife set, fork, and a fine grit ceramic honing rod.  This 17-piece set makes a dramatic statement in any kitchen presented in a striking traditional block type stand of contrasting solid Hawaiian curly koa woods with black wenge wood top accent trim to compliment the knife handles. A solid maple interior featuring fitted sheaths to hold each knife and vented bottom to allow air flow to the blades are included in the custom features of this set.

The following pieces are included. (Note: sizes indicate blade length only): 240mm chef knife, 240mm slicing knife, 210mm chef knife, 180mm  santoku (great for veges) and 170mm small chef knife,1/2" round and 12" long ceramic fine grit sharpening rod, fork with satin finish, and ten piece steak knife set with 5" blades.

Our steak knives make the perfect companion to any dining experience from steaks, roasts, chicken, or even salads. Cutting any food is more fun with a beautiful and sharp knife.

Each chef knife blade was individually hand-forged in Japan for Salter Fine Cutlery of exotic and super sharp R2 stainless powder metal die steel, then signed in kanji by the master bladesmith in Japan. On this set, the chef knives have an amazing mirror diamond pattern finish.

To add a distinctive addition to the dining table, the steak knives have a subtle damascus pattern and are made from super high quality Japanese VG10 stainless steel. The steak knives were also hand-forged in Japan exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery to our own design specifications.

The addition of a fork for use when cutting that chicken or roast has been included. It was also hand-forged in Japan by a small production company using ZDP-189 exotic stainless powder metal die steel.

To keep your blades honed to a razor's edge, we have included a high-quality fine grit ceramic sharpening rod.

The handcrafted handles are made from premium grade Hawaiian curly koa wood. Decorative handle accents include Mozambique ebony bolsters with white accents, and solid nickel-silver pins. A decorative mosaic accent pin adds the final touch to each knife handle.

A custom hand-crafted block sets off this amazing set.  Each knife is cradled in a solid maple interior sheath that has been designed to ensure airflow to the blades, then wrapped inside solid koa wood. A trim of black wenge wood lines the top of the block to compliment and accent the black bolsters on the knives.

Cork feet keep your block from slipping and the wood block away from moisture.

Price shown is exclusive of shipping charges. For a quote on shipping to your location, please contact us.

Update 7/31/2017: This item, as shown, has been sold. Please contact us to order your own personalized custom set. 

We welcome your questions and gladly offer custom order consultations to help design the perfect product. If you do not see a material listed, please ask. We are able to accommodate most requests using a wide selection of rare, exotic legally-obtainable materials not listed here.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.

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