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In Stock Item: 15-piece R2 Clad Steak Knife Set

$ 4,620.00

In Stock Item: 15-piece R2 Clad Steak Knife Set

$ 4,620.00

These beautiful steak knives have just been completed in our workshop. 

They are, like all of our custom steak knives, individually hand-forged by a master bladesmith in Japan using traditional forging methods.  The knives are made from super high grade R2 Stainless Steel powder metal die steel with an elegant traditional-looking satin clad finish; each blade is signed in kanji by the bladesmith. The knife handles have been carefully handmade with an exquisite specimen of dark, very curly Hawaiian koa that looks striking together with hand-contoured brass bolsters, a black accent spacer, and solid brass pins. Finishing details include black accent spacers along the spine.

Update 6/30/17: This set has been sold.

We do have more blades like this in stock ready for your custom order with your choice of bolster and storage system.

Contact us at 808-883-0128 for further information..

 We welcome your questions and gladly offer custom order consultations to help design the perfect product. If you do not see a material listed, please ask. We are able to accommodate most requests using a wide selection of rare, exotic legally-obtainable materials not listed here.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.

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