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In Stock Item: 10-piece Combination Steak Knife Set with Display Presentation Box

$ 7,200.00

This new 10-piece custom steak knife set is pure luxury for your dining room. A celebration of the best of nature and artistry, it will become the perfect complement to your home decor or tableware setting.

An instant conversation piece, these very functional pieces of art will look beautiful for any dinner party or family holiday feast. Use them for a lifetime, then pass them down to the next generation as a treasured heirloom of holidays past.

The set is a combination of two different styles of steak knives. First, there is an 8-piece steak knife set for those larger gatherings, plus a special unique 2-piece set for intimate meals. Change up your look for every day or that romantic dinner for two.

Completely handmade using the highest quality stainless cutlery steels, these steak knives have been individually hand-forged in Japan by master Japanese bladesmiths exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery and to our own designs.  Each blade has been signed in kanji by the Japanese master bladesmith who made them, signifying them as works of art. 

The handles and box have been made completely by hand in Hawaii by Gregg Salter of Salter Fine Cutlery. 

The 8-piece set is made from VG10 stainless layered damascus and have long and elegant 5" blades that will slice everything from your finest steaks or roasts to salads or vegetables with ease.

Our handles are made to feel and look good on the table or in your hand. They were individually made from exotic and rare curly koa wood with our Salter Fine Cutlery contoured stainless steel bolsters. Decorative features include black and stainless steel accents, plus stainless steel pins.

The 2-piece set features our top-of-the-line "Charybdis" 130mm cattleman's style blade made from R2 powder metal die stainless damascus steel and features this blademaker's amazing whirlpool design. Each and every 'whirlpool' swirl in this design was individually created by the bladesmith. For truly handmade pieces, you will be amazed when you hold and use them for the first time. 

Our handcrafted extra decorative handles for these two special occasion knives also feature matching exotic and rare Hawaiian curly koa wood, black and stainless steel top and bottom of handle fittings, and a solid stainless steel pin.  Each handle has been individually handcrafted, hand-shaped and hand-sanded to an incredibly fine 3000 grit. Each metal piece was hand-cut, filed, shaped and hand-sanded to 8000 grit.

Included, is our exclusive Hawaiian curly koa wood presentation box, perfect for permanent display in any dining or living room. The box sides and lid are made from the highest grades of this amazingly beautiful wood. Inside the box, the knives are distinctively presented in two removable matching koa wood racks. This beautiful presentation box includes velvet lining on each removable knife rack. 

Completely artisan crafted by hand. We fully guarantee every set for both quality and workmanship.  We are certain you will agree Salter Fine Cutlery steak knife sets are simply the best steak knife sets available anywhere.

Update 10/9/21: This set, as pictured, has been sold. 

We DO have blades in stock for your custom order and more coming soon.

Custom engraving available on any order. Contact us for details and pricing.

 All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.