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Collectible 3-piece Carving Set

$ 2,050.00

Salter Fine Cutlery collectible 3-piece handforged damascus carving set
Salter Fine Cutlery collectible 3-piece handforged damascus carving set Carving Set in open gift box handforged collectible knife set by Salter Fine Cutlery Hand forged 3-piece custom handmade carving set by Gregg Salter of SalterFineCutlery

$ 2,050.00

An artisan-crafted collectible carving set. This one-of-a-kind beauty was hand-forged by special request for Salter Fine Cutlery by an American master smith who makes his own stainless damascus steel.  The 8" long carving knife blade features our Salter clip-point styling and the matching damascus fork has quite sharp outward extending tines for a firm grip.

A high-quality fine grit ceramic sharpening rod with complimentary designed handle will maintain the edge of this unique and beautiful knife.

The extra decorative koa wood handles have brass fittings next to the blade and at the end of both the carving knife and fork. The sharpening rod has a brass end cap, but not next to the actual ceramic rod to prevent damage to the knife by accidentally stropping metal against metal. Other features of each handle include ebony inserts and bright red accents. These accents made a striking statement alongside our rare, very curly Hawaiian koa wood.

This set included a simple handcrafted koa wood gift box for under-counter storage.

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