4-Piece Steak Knife Set with Polished Clad Finish in Keepsake Box

$ 2,335.00

This elegant custom handcrafted steak knife set was recently completed in our workshop. The set features our exclusive designed blades, handles, and attractive storage box.

About the Knives:

  • Salter "Classic Clad" design series 
  • VG10 stainless steel blades 
  • Individually hand-forged in Japan
  • San Mai clad blades
  • 'Hairline' satin polished finish
  • Signed in kanji by the bladesmith
  • Bladesmith's signature hamon line
  • Blades 127mm long (approx 5-inches)
  • Overall length 10 inches
  • Unique designs created by and made for Salter Fine Cutlery
  • Curly rare kiln-dried reclaimed Hawaiian koa wood handles
  • Handcrafted brass contoured bolsters and pins
  • Black tang and bolster accents 

What makes our blades different:

  • Hand-forged by a master bladesmith  to our exclusive design specifications using traditional forging methods. 
  • Handmade billets from solid steel bars
  •  No welded components 
  • Every part of the process handmade to the highest standards of quality

They possess a clean, modern and elegant look. Like many beautiful creations made by Japanese artists, have a simplicity that is very difficult to actually make by hand.

About the storage box:

  • Handcrafted in our Hawaii workshop
  • Unique Queensland Maple keepsake box with curly koa wood decorative sides
  • Attractive enough for permanent display 
  • Budget priced keepsake box option

Update 6/21/2024: This set, as shown, has been sold.

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