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The MkII Limited Edition Collectible Salter Kiku Collaboration Knife

Our MkII Limited Edition Collectible is one of our most exclusive collectible knife blades available. The OU-31 blades are individually hand-forged to our design specifications by the Japanese master blade-maker and grinder, Kiku Matsuda.

No two knives will be identical because each handle and presentation will be different. You can choose your own handle shape and decorative accents.

To read more about this knife, please visit our "Quick Gifts" page or our "One-of-a-Kind" collectibles page.

Below: This knife is #3 in a series of 4. A certificate of authenticity accompanies the knife. Additional options include your choice of custom stand, keepsake box, presentation box or custom sheath.

Sorry, this knife has been sold. We have only one more blade like this in stock. Contact us for a quote.

Very limited edition collectible knife with blade by Kiku made exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

We do have 1 additional blade like this in stock for your custom handle requests.

Below: Example of this very limited series, which included a band of decorative hand file-work between the first of two ebony sections and the curly koa wood handle.

MkII Limited Edition Collectible Knife from Salter Fine Cutlery of Hawaii

MkII Ltd Edition collectible knife with blade by Kiku from Gregg Salter of Salter Fine Cutlery Hawaii
Above: This previously made MkII Limited Edition collectible was offered in a Salter hook stand for display or kitchen use. Please click here to see more photos. 
Below: This is an example of a previous knife made with this same model blade.

Salter-Kiku Limited Edition Combat Chef knife MkII with gambler motif by Salter Fine Cutlery

Above: Choose extra decorative additions including inlays or extra filework surrounding the handle.

Below: Choose a custom designed one-of-a-kind hand-guard or one of the other decorative options shown on this page.The knife below included a heart-shaped hand-guard extending below the handle.

Special gambler edition custom knife with heart handguard from Salter Fine Cutlery

Kiku’s trademark subtle Damascus pattern and textured matte finish make this an absolutely impressive looking blade; his trademark ‘magic hand’ Appleseed grind makes it incredibly sharp. The 5mm thick blade and finger notch along the top of the spine makes this knife a hefty combination of tactical hunter and chef knife. This is a knife-lovers knife!

There will only be a limited release of four of these blades, making them an exclusive and rare collectible opportunity.

Combat Chef MkII collectible knife in custom wall display box from Salter Fine Cutlery

Above: With your custom order, you have a choice of storage options. Here, our client chose a gambler-themed custom wall hanging display box. Special requests included locking latches and a quick removal system with front lid hinged opening.

Combat Chef Knife highest quality collectible knives from Salter Fine Cutlery

Above: The Combat Chef Knife above featured a faceted and curved handle with mokume bolster and end caps, black buffalo horn and subtle decorative handle accents. Shown with presentation box for display or storage.

Each handle will be different. When making your custom order, choose from one of the sample ideas shown on this page from our previous Combat Chef First Edition or Ltd Edition Combat Chef knife series or use the ideas shown here for inspiration.

Limited Edition Combat Chef Knife with keepsake box from Salter Fine Cutlery

Above: This previous LE Edition of our Combat Chef series featured a slightly curved and faceted handle with lots of tiger stripes and nickel-silver bolster and end caps. Storage option was a keepsake box with black velvet lining.

You may choose to order your MkII Limited Edition Collectible knife with either a presentation box, keepsake box, custom glass display box for table top or wall display or display stand. (Sorry, this offer is so exclusive that we are not accepting orders for knife only.)

Request a quote with your own custom handle and storage interpretation.

Call for Quote: 808-883-0128 or e-mail:

Custom collectible knife with presentation box from Gregg Salter of Salter Fine Cutlery

You have your choice of handle shape and decorative finishes, including a choice of mokume, nickel-silver or brass fittings. Gregg individually hand-contours each handle to create a unique and distinctive look so that every Limited Edition Collectible or Chef knife is an original work of art.

Limited Edition collector Combat Chef Knife with koa wood keepsake box by Salter Fine Cutlery

Above: This limited edition combat chef knife featured a straight faceted handle with ebony and subtle cinnamon accents and a curly koa wood keepsake box with interior black velvet lining for attractive storage or display.

Because the Combat Chef blades are so beautiful, we’ve saved our most desirable reserve stock of exceptionally rare, old growth koa to use for the handles and premium boxes. This wood has the characteristic koa chatoyance and tight curl that makes it such a stunning wood choice.

Available with many customization options, including bolster, handle design, and storage options.

Prices vary by design and box options.

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We welcome your questions and gladly offer custom order consultations to help design the perfect product. If you do not see a material listed, please ask. We are able to accommodate most requests using a wide selection of rare, exotic legally-obtainable materials not listed here.

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