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In Stock Item: Knife Stand to Hold Single Chef Knife

$ 380.00

For quick and easy access for your favorite kitchen knife, choose an attractive handmade knife stand with a modern touch like this one made from solid Hawaiian curly koa wood.

Perfect for small kitchens, gifts, or anyone who has a favorite knife.

While most of our knife stands are made to accompany our Salter Fine Cutlery line of kitchen knives, we can also make your stand to hold a previously purchased knife from us or another custom maker. 

This stand was made by special request to hold a 155mm small chef knife the client gifted his wife last year. It quickly became her favorite knife. This year's surprise gift is a stand to hold her special knife.

We call this stand the Modern single knife stand. It features solid curly Hawaiian koa wood throughout. The design is intended to showcase both the blade pattern and give full visibility of the custom handle. The slot where the blade sits is vented for airflow and there are vinyl bumpers under the stand base to protect the wood from contact with water or wet counters.

Contact us to order yours. Price may vary depending upon size of knife blade and wood chosen. 

Please Note: This stand was a custom order and has been sold. Please use this page as inspiration for your own custom knife stand.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.