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In Stock Item: 6-piece Steak Knife Set in Keepsake Box

$ 3,595.00

You will love using this beautiful and elegant handmade dinner knife or steak knife set for entertaining or every day use with any meal. Enjoy it with your favorite meat or for slicing your salad and tomatoes with ease.

The blades were hand-forged using traditional forging methods in Japan and made exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery using our own design by our bladesmith. 

Each blade has been signed in kanji by the bladesmith.

Made from a Japanese stainless steels known around the world, called VG10, this high-quality steel will impress you with its sharpness and edge retention. The subtle damascus pattern finish will compliment any dinnerware or dining room decor.

Our 6-piece steak knife set has handles of exhibition grade birdseye maple with our contoured copper bolsters. Decorative features on this set include black accents. Solid brass pins add an attractive accent to the knives.

Included is a handmade solid maple keepsake box for sturdy stackable storage.

Update 9/16/2022: Sorry, this set, as shown, has been sold.

Contact us to order your custom steak knife set. Many blades in various finishes in stock and ready for your custom order.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.