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In Stock Item: 6-Piece "Raptor" Steak Knife Set in Presentation Box

$ 4,150.00

Our exclusive design "Raptor" series Japanese hand-forged steak knife set will delight the senses for outdoor grilling, everyday dinner or make special occasions even more memorable.

This set, featuring our full-tang version "Raptor" series hand-forged blades with decorative handles, is fully guaranteed and will last a lifetime with proper care.

These blades have been designed exclusively by and for Salter Fine Cutlery. Made with one of the best quality stainless Japanese steels available, called R2 damascus powder metal die steel, they have an exceptional cutting edge and edge retention capabilities.

Each knife was created from a solid bar of the highest quality Japanese stainless damascus steel and features a solid full-tang design.

The striking claw mark pattern in high polished steel together with matte finish damascus lines near the blade edge create a unique and truly beautiful piece that will perfectly accessorize your tableware and are sure to be admired by all who see or use them.  They are signed in kanji by the bladesmith denoting their status as works of art.

For these knives, we have made the handles with our long-version Mozambique ebony bolsters and rare, exotic curly Hawaiian koa wood handles.  Black accents along the spine of each knife give a simple, clean look to this set.

The price shown includes a beautiful handcrafted Hawaiian curly koa wood presentation box with upgrade 5A premium wood. The wood in this box is so incredible and unique it includes the sought-after stripes, dark and light swirls and several large birds-eye swirls that have so much chatoyance that the 'eyes' seem to open and close as your eyes move around them. 

This set, as shown, is ready for shipping now.

Update 5/4/21: This set, as shown, has been sold. We have 6 similar blades remaining in stock for your custom order. 

Contact us to reserve remaining blades with your choice of handle or place your new custom order in any size.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.