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In Stock Item: 5-pc Chef Knife Set in Stand 'Charybdis Design'

$ 4,750.00

Custom handforged luxury chef knife set in stand handmade in Hawaii by Salter Fine Cutlery
Custom handforged luxury chef knife set in stand handmade in Hawaii by Salter Fine Cutlery Beautiful luxury chef knives handmade to order from Salter Fine Cutlery Highest quality custom chef knives and stands created by hand for luxury kitchen decor by Salter Fine Cutlery

Luxury designs and super high-quality kitchen knives for your kitchen. When you love cooking and want the best quality, look no further than a custom designed chef knife set by Salter Fine Cutlery

This newest addition to our 'Charybdis' design collectible cutlery line features our new western style full tang design and decorative handles.

Beautiful, unique, and of the highest quality, this knife is functional art meant to be used and passed to future generations.

Custom designed by and hand-forged exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery, this knife set is made from a very high quality layered damascus Japanese steel called SRS13. They were specifically designed for use as a very high-quality cutlery steel. 

The set consists of 5 knives with these blade sizes, perfect for small families or cooks who prefer smaller knives. Blade sizes are listed in millimeters:

  • 170mm chef knife
  • 155mm all-purpose utility knife
  • 130mm petty
  • 100mm paring knife
  • 85mm paring knife

Every knife has been forged from a solid bar of steel. There are no welded sections like you find in many production knives.  You can rest assured that your knife will last for a lifetime of use and can be passed to future generations.

In addition, the custom pattern containing many small whirlpool shapes, was created in Japan by an 8th generation bladesmith to our own Salter Fine Cutlery proprietary design. He made the blades using time-honored traditional Japanese forging methods.

Our custom handles were created on the Big Island of Hawaii. Completely handcrafted, they feature exotic and rare super curly Hawaiian koa wood, stainless steel contoured bolsters and decorative accents of wenge wood.

 The knives look beautiful together with their custom "Tower" stand, also handmade of curly Hawaiian koa wood.

Update 7/3/2020: Sorry, this set , as shown, has been sold. You may place a custom order with similar blades we have available in stock, or with your choice of other size blades.