Salter Fine Cutlery

In Stock Item: 3-piece Steak Knife Set

$ 1,440.00

With blades individually hand-forged in Japan by our master bladesmith to our own Salter Fine Cutlery design, these knives look stunning with solid Hawaiian curly kiawe wood handles. Simplicity of design and appearance was the keyword with these handles. 

Super high-quality individually hand-forged R2 stainless powder metal die steel has been used by the bladesmith in Japan to create these knife blades.

The blades are an elegant 5" long and feature our Raptor finish, which includes a high-polished claw mark hammered section and matte damascus lines nearer the blade edge. The bladesmith has also signed each blade in kanji.

Overall knife length is 10 inches.

The quality will impress anyone who knows fine knives. Like all Salter Fine Cutlery steak knife sets, each knife has been completely made entirely by hand. Additionally, each handle has been hand shaped and sanded to an amazingly smooth 3000 grit.

This handsome set was ordered as knives only because our client already had drawer storage space available. All of our knives can be ordered knives only, or with several optional storage selections.

A most unique gift, this set is a work of functional art that is meant to be used and enjoyed for many years. Fully guaranteed for quality and workmanship.

Please note: This set was a custom request and has been sold. Please use it as inspiration for your own custom order. 

We currently have only 4 of these blades remaining in stock. Contact us to reserve these blades with your own custom handle interpretation.