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In Stock Item: 210mm "Camelback" Damascus Chef Knife

$ 745.00

This new 210mm (approx 8" blade) stainless steel chef knife features an individually hand-forged blade by our top-of-the line Japanese bladesmith who also makes our Charybdis and Raptor design series knives. 

The blade is signed by the bladesmith in kanji with both his name and trade logo.

The R2 powder metal die stainless steel is the best cutlery steel available and boasts superior edge retention and performance capabilities.

We have named this newest design the "Camelback" series because of the curvature of the tang and the impression made by the beautiful, but simple look of the damascus pattern. The blade has a wavy desert or mountain range damascus pattern with a polished finish. It will quickly become your favorite 'go to' knife!

This design has a slightly longer handle. This combined with the slight curvature of the spine and wider blade makes it a great knife for chefs with larger hands or people who like to hold their knife fully on the handle.

For the handle, we have chosen a solid piece of rare very curly Hawaiian kiawe wood. Kiawe wood is in the mesquite family and this is an excellent specimen. The wood is quite hard and durable, making it a perfect choice for a professional chef.

Price is for knife only. A handmade koa wood box, sheath, or stand may be ordered to compliment this knife.

Update 2/19/2023: This knife, as shown, has been sold. We DO have another blade in stock, Contact us to order with your own choice of handle materials.

All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.