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In Stock Item: 2-piece Raptor steak knife set

$ 1,395.00

Celebrate every day with a beautiful steak knife set at your dinner table. You don't need steak to love this set. They will be equally beautiful and a joy to use with salads, chicken or any favorite meal.

For this 2-piece set, we have chosen our "Raptor" designed blades paired with a light modern looking handle of exotic Hawaiian curly koa and kiawe woods with a splash of mango at the ends of the handles.

Our special "Raptor" claw hammered pattern has a polished finish on the claw marks, plus subtle matte damascus lines nearest the blade edge. 

Every Raptor knife is individually hand-forged in Japan by our very talented bladesmith using old-fashioned forging techniques and have been signed in kanji. The blades were individually hand-forged exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery to our own design specifications. 

The Knife:

    Salter Raptor Style Steak Knife

    • Blade Length: 127mm (approx 5")
    • Blade Width at widest point: 1-5/16"
    • Handle Length at longest point : 5"
    • Overall Length:  Approx. 10-1/8"
    • Blade thickness at thickest point: 2mm
    • Solid one piece hidden tang construction
    • R2 stainless Japanese cutlery steel

    Beauty without distraction! Our handcrafted handles are all made from either reclaimed or sustainably harvested woods. The work is done by hand with a minimum of small tools using natural sunlight for our light source. 

    This set includes a handcrafted curly Hawaiian koa wood keepsake box for storage or permanent display.

    Give a gift that will be used and enjoyed for a lifetime. Unique, fun to use, and of the highest quality...guaranteed.

    Update 1/7/23: This set has been sold.

    All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.