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In Stock Item: 2-pc His & Hers/Couples Personal Steak Knife Set

$ 1,290.00

Celebrate your individuality with a custom "His & Hers" or "Couples" personal steak knife set from Salter Fine Cutlery. This set features two unique and completely different steak knives, while keeping the same beautiful handle configuration.

In this case, he loves the bold pattern of our Charybdis design series with a whirlpool damascus finish and a larger cattleman's shape. She loves something more elegant and classic. Both want to compliment their favorite tableware.  What to do??

The answer is simple; get one of each!

One blade features our special collector's series "Charybdis" damascus blade and a handle of Mozambique ebony with a brass contoured bolster and matching pins.  It was then forged with the bladesmith's signature unique whirlpool damascus pattern, and finally signed in kanji by the bladesmith in Japan. 

Every small whirlpool in the pattern was added by hand by the bladesmith using forging techniques developed by his ancestor 8 generations ago!

The second blade, made by the same bladesmith, features our "Salter Original Classic" design blade with a plain clad finish, plus the unique bladesmith's 'hamon' line near  the blade edge for a most discreet touch of decorative feature. The handle matches and compliments the other knife and tableware using Mozambique ebony wood and a contoured brass bolster.

The Knives:

    Salter Cattleman's Style Steak Knife

    • Blade Length: 130mm (approx 5")
    • Blade Width at widest point: 1-5/16"
    • Handle Length at longest point : 4-7/8"
    • Overall Length: 10"
    • Blade thickness at thickest point: 2mm
    • Solid one piece full-tang construction
    • R2 stainless Japanese cutlery steel

    Salter "Original Classic" Steak Knife

    • Blade Length: 127mm
    • Blade width at widest point: Approx 1"
    • Overall Length: 10"
    • Blade thickness at thickest point: 2mm
    • Solid one piece full-tang construction
    • VG10 stainless Japanese cutlery steel

      Both knife blades were individually hand-forged exclusively for Salter Fine Cutlery to our own design specifications.  

      Beauty without distraction! Both handcrafted handles have been made from sustainably harvested Mozambique ebony with contoured brass bolsters, and solid brass pins.  This simple, clean look was chosen to compliment the beauty of the blades.

      These knives were a custom order and have been sold. However, we have more blades in stock. Order with your choice of handle materials to fit your home and style.

      All craftsmanship is fully guaranteed.